Like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google chrome has a feature to save passwords. You can view, edit, delete saved passwords in google chrome.

This is very great and advanced feature of google chrome unlike other most of browsers. When you log in to any website first time in chrome, your password will be saved after your permission. You don’t need to put password on log in that website second time. So their is no need to remember passwords for different websites.

As said earlier, Google chrome also provides a feature to auto save password when you log in to a website. Besides, Google chrome provides this feature somewhat more advanced. You can easily view, edit or delete any saved passwords. Sometimes when saved password is not filled automatically on log in to a website. You need to recover that saved password. You can check saved password for that particular website.

Follow simple steps to edit, view, delete saved passwords in Google chrome

  • Go to wrench menu given on top right hand side in google chrome. Click on Settings.
  • It will open google chrome settings page. Click on Shown advanced settings given on bottom side of settings page.
  • Now click on Manager saved passwords given under Passwords and forms as shown in below image.


  • A new pop-up window will appear which will show saved username and passwords for different websites.


  • Click on any entry for which you want to manage saved password. Here username characters will be shown but passwords character will be hidden. Click on Show option given besides the delete symbol to see saved password characters.
  • If you want to delete any saved password in google chrome, just click on delete icon given on right hand side of that entry.

Edit saved password in Google chrome.

  • Find the particular website entry among the saved password websites list as explained in above steps.
  • Note down the website address, username and password for of that website for which you want to edit saved password.
  • Now click on that entry. This will highlight that specific website entry.
  • Just Hit delete symbol to delete that particular entry.
  • Now open the web address noted in earlier step. Put the username and password to log in to that website.
  • Change the password in that particular website and log out of your account.
  • Now log in again to that website with username and new password. Google chrome will prompt to save password for that website.
  • Just click on save password.

In this way you can edit saved password for that particular website and your password will be updated.

So follow above tutorial to view, delete, and edit saved passwords in google chrome.  In this way, you will be able to manage user accounts on different websites more effectively in google chrome.