Have you ever tried to send a complete web page by Email to any other user or your friend ? Sometimes you found a very interesting web page on internet during internet browsing. You want to share that web page containing some important information with your friend or colleagues. In this situation, one way is to share the URL of that web page with other user. secondly you can send complete web page by Email. If you would like to follow the second method, then this post will help you a lot. Here we will discuss various 5 top methods to send a complete web page by Email to any other online user. These methods are given below:-

Send web page by Email with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

If you are managing your Email account with Microsoft Outlook 2007, you can send a web page by email very easily. If you have not used Outlook 2007 earlier on your computer, you can read our post,  How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Gmail account.

Now follow these simple steps to send web page by Email with outlook 2007;

For this Go to View >> Toolbar >> Web


After this settings, address bar will appear in Toolbar. Simply enter the address or URL of web page which you want to send by email. It will open the web page in Outlook 2007.


Now Go to Actions >> Send Web page by Email.

It will compose a Email containing the required web page. Finally Put the Email address of receiver and Press send.

Send web page after saving it with browser.

In the present time, most of the web browsers can save any web page. Simply go to File menu >> and Save web page or Right click on web page and hit Save As. Here you will save web page as a HTML page or complete web page.


If you save complete web page, the web page will be saved in HTML file along with a folder containing support files of that specific web page like images, CSS and JavaScript files.If you save web page in HTML only, it will be saved without any styling. Now you can simply send these folder and HTML file as a attachment by Email.

But if you are using Internet Explorer and receiver is also using the same browser, then you are lucky. You can use Save As option which saves the web page in the form of Web Archive Single File having .mht extension. The saved page will be very identical to original one. Then you can send this .mht file by Email to receiver.

Use Internet Explorer’s Send Web Page by Email.

Besides this Latest version of Internet Explorer provides you on useful functionality called Send web page by Email. You are lucky if you are using latest version of Internet explorer. You can simply access this function right in File >> Send Page by Email in latest version of Internet Explorer.


This method will use default Email managing Application on your computer to send the Email containing web page in Email Message or As a attachment. If you are using Microsoft Outlook as default Email application on your computer, it will send the web page in body of Email message. This method has only one shortcoming, receiver can ignore Email attachment.

Send web page by converting it into PDF

Yes, you can send web page by converting it into PDF file. Main advantage of this method is that, almost all computer users have Adobe Acrobat Reader. So they can easily open PDF file sent by you. Besides this PDF files made from a web page look almost similar to original page. This method has only one disadvantage, The links on web page will not work after converting it into PDF file in some cases. You can convert any web page into a PDF with our another tutorial, How-To convert a web page to PDF document online.

Use online web services to send web page.

There are some online services available which can be used to send web page by Email easily.



This web service provides the best options to send a web page by Email. Just copy and paste the URL of web page which you want to send Email in the text box provided and Hit Email web page. Here you need to sign in to your Google account or you need to register on this website.

Besides this online option, you can install add-ons for different browser like Google chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer from this website. You can Email any web page directly by using these add-on without leaving your browser. This web application has only one downside, you need to firstly register here to send a web page by email.

So next time, use methods given here to send some important web pages by Email to your friends, colleagues and Don’t forgot to share this with your friends.