Here we are going to discuss top 10 best free Android apps.  You can download these best free android apps for best android usage. You can download these apps without any registration to  your android device. Android is a Linux based world pupular operating system for mobile devices like smartphone and tablets.Android has a big community of application developers to enhance user experience on android devices. Google app store provides vast variety of different best android apps to use with an android device some of which are paid and some are free. Here you can browse latest best free android apps just from your device or web instantly. You can use different applications and games to score goals, buy stocks, read latest news, buy latest movie tickets and many more android applications which will help you in personalizing your android phone with free wallpapers, ringtone, widgets etc.

Here we have collected best top 10 android apps to free download from Google play store.

1. Google Maps

A best voice guided android app for GPS navigation. You can update maps for free. Also you can save maps for offiline use on your
phone. So this time you don’t need to carry any paper map along with you.


2. Soundhound

An application to identify any song. If you are listing a song and you want to know  the name of that song. This android app can help
you in accurate identification of that particular song.


3. Barcode Scanner

Scan barcodes printed on products to know product prices and reviews.


4. App lock

Nice android app to password protect any application installed on your android device.


5. Fingerprint Scanner Lock

Lock your android with your fingerprints to avaoid any unauthorised access to your android device. If you locked out of your
phone by mistake, just press the volume down button for three times and your adroid phone will be unlocked.


6. International Phone Tracker

If you are getting calls from unknown mobile numbers, you can use this android app to know from which country that person is calling.


7. Call Tricks

Great android app to play background sound effects during a phone call.


8. Call Me

A popular free android app to Fool your friends by creating a fake call or fake message to your android phone. This app craates fake content and sender, while making any fake call and message.


9. Cell Tracker

Best app to track your location which you have just visited. This application don’t require any GPS, No hidden charges and over all
completely free.


10. Instant Heart Rate

A great app to monitor your health . This app turns your android based phone into a quick and accurate heart rate monitor. It does not require any external hardware to work.


We hope you will enjoy this collection of best free android device apps to use any android based device to its fullest. Use these free android apps for best user experience with your android device.