You can use these tips to Keep Your Computer in Top Shape. As the Technology has been good to us over the years. Many new inventions continue to amaze us. Computers have made life easier and our daily work load takes less time. Let’s return the favor by keeping our computers and laptops in good working order. Here are a few simple tips to extend the life of our most important tech gadgets:

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Common Desktop Care

When it comes to your desktop computer, the best thing to do to keep it running smoothly is to position it in a well-ventilated place. Make sure the cooling fan is not blocked because you don’t want your computer to overheat. On a related note, when was the last time you dusted? Regularly dusting around your desktop and keyboard will also help to keep it clean and working properly. Give it a good sanitizing wipe down for your peace of mind too.

For fixes you can’t do, there is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring tech support staff. Whether it’s over the phone or an on-site improvement they are available to help. If you want to preserve your computer for years to come use a reliable technician that has experience with all kinds of computer issues, from basic maintenance to anti-virus software installation. Be aware of the differences with viruses and know the signs in case your system is in danger.

Laptop Know-how

You always need to be mindful of the portability of your laptop. Always remember safety first. Yes, you can walk around with it, but make sure you are doing it safely. You should never walk around with the screen up and running—this is a possible accident in the making. You could trip over something and send your laptop flying across the room. Keep it closed when traveling anywhere, preferably in a sleeve or bag and it should last you many years.

A quarterly diagnostics test will also keep you laptop in tip-top shape. Your system should already have an automatic updating regime in place. Allow it to perform whatever updates and system maintenance it needs to. Something else to consider is backing up all your files onto a cloud server or even hard copy. This can save the day if you have an unexpected crash.

A Few More Helpful Tech Tips

  • Read up on any new developments and familiarize yourself with manufacturer how-to guides.
  • Change settings on your systems to help save battery life, like activating screen saver mode.
  • Take the proper precautions when it comes to computer and laptop safety. Make sure you have a password protection so only you can log in.
  • Pay attention to your power sources. Are circuits overloaded? Install better equipment, such as surge protectors.
  • Stay safe online as well. You and your computer system could be a target if you give out to much personal information. The hackers are out there.
  • Not only should you properly position and clean you system, you should also give it a break. Shut all programs down, turn it off, and let it rest.

What are you doing to keep your computer working properly? Share your tips in the comments.

About the Author: - Jared Jacobs has professional and personal interests in just about everything related to technology. As an employee of Dell, he has to stay up to date on the latest innovations in large enterprise solutions and consumer electronics buying trends. Personally, he loves making additions to his media rooms and experimenting with surround sound equipment. He’s also a big Rockets and Texans fan.