It’s almost 11 years since one of the most popular and successful operating systems– Windows XP was launched (October 25th 2001). And, Microsoft has rolled out its latest iteration – Windows 8 on October 26th2012. When it comes to Windows XP, it was and is still dominating the computing world, as 4 out of 5 computers are being powered by XP for the last decade. And even now, Windows XP continues to be the most popular and successful operating system in the world, next only to Windows 8 – the latest version of Windows XP.

Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8

Most XP users shelved the idea of upgrading, even though latest versions such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 have many advanced features. Windows XP, with regular updates on security patches, proved to be a robust operating system. But now, it’s time for Windows 8 to rule the computing world. Yes, Windows 8 is probably the best operating system till date rolled out by Microsoft. The all new operating system is far more secure compared to other versions, loads and unloads in a blink and is certainly a worthy replacement for XP. If you are also one amongst the Windows XP users, looking out to upgrade to Windows 8, there’s good news for you! Microsoft, with a desire to get you use Windows 8, had made it quite easy to upgrade from Windows XP, 7 or Vista to Windows 8. Here’s how the upgrade is done:

  • To start with, visit the Microsoft’s Windows site and click on ‘Get Started.’
  • The process is simple and you can either download it from the website for $39.99 or purchase the upgrade on DVD from the Microsoft’s store for $69.99. The best way to save as well as upgrade is by downloading as you can also create a bootable backup of the downloaded version of Windows 8, if needed.
  • To download the Windows 8, click on Download Pro, for the Windows 8 ‘Upgrade Assistant’ to be installed on your PC. Keep in mind, before purchasing, you will have to run the ‘Upgrade Assistant,’ to ensure that your PC meets the Windows 8 system requirements.
  • Find out if there is an option to upgrade your PC to Windows 8, by following the instructions in ‘Upgrade Assistant.’ If your system is compatible, then the ‘Upgrade Assistant’ would explain the entire installation process.
  • Check the free compatibility report that lists out the current programs, apps and devices that will work, and also the ones that might not work after upgrading.
  • Now that you have the compatibility report, decide what you want to keep. You have 3 options:
    • Windows settings, personal files, and apps
    • Just personal files
    • Nothing
  • If you are a Windows XP user, then you will have only your personal files like docs, movies, photos and other files after upgrading.
  • After this, you will have to buy and download the latest iteration – Windows 8. Once you have downloaded it, install the ‘Windows 8 Pro upgrade’ and follow the instructions carefully.
  • That’s it! Now, you can set up Windows 8 as you please by choosing your settings.

Regardless of how simple the process is, and how advanced the version is, there still remains a question – Should I upgrade? Well, the answer is as simple as the process itself – Yes!

By upgrading to Windows 8:

  • You get special app offers and can access hundreds of new free apps available in the Windows store.
  • You get even more efficient version of Windows.
  • The old fashioned user interface is replaced by the modern metro-style interface of Windows 8.
  • You get longer battery life, a faster start up and more secure web browsing.
  • You get access to millions of free songs to choose with the ‘Xbox Music app.‘

These are a few advantages of upgrading to Windows 8. In simple words, it’s worth a try.

Author Bio: – Sasha loves to write about technology stuffs in any field. She has been a writer/blogger for four years and currently working for Internet Bundles where you can find great offers and details about verizon internet service.