Most of computer users store data on external storage devices like pen drives, external hard disk drives.Sometimes you want to share a file with your friend online, for example you want to share some important office documents with colleague. You are working on any project. you have completed much work at office and you want to complete remaining work at home. Then you carry the project data in external storage device and you carry this device to your home. or you are making a collection of some utilities or files which help you working efficiently at your work place. In these situations, Most of computer users store this data in external hard disk drive. But this method has always some shortcomings. Firstly you need to purchase a external hard disk drive. Secondly you need to carry this hard disk drive along with yourself every time so that you can save an important data when you find it useful.

To encounter this problem, Some iPad and computer companies has introduced some new and excellent way to store important data online. This service is called Cloud service. The data can be accessed online from anywhere. These service store data online by providing you an account and synchronize your different devices like iPad, Tablet,Laptop and desktop computer with each other. When you complete any task on any one device, data on other devices is updated automatically. For example, If you are using cloud services. You are making a document on you office desktop computer which is synchronized with any cloud service. you make some work there and leaves office. This document in your tablet will also be updated automatically. You can complete remaining work on your tablet or other devices which are synchronized.


World famous company Apple has already introduced iCloud service among its all apple devices viz. tablets, iPhone, Mac computers etc. Recently Google has also introduced similar cloud service called Google drive to store data online up to 5GB free of cost. You can use google drive to store data online or you can  synchronize the data on your all devices which run on Android platform.

  • You need just an Gmail account to start using Google drive.
  • Google drive provides a very high storage limit 5 GB to store data online free of cost. I think this limit will be sufficient for most of internet users. Also if you need more data storage, you can get 25 GB just for $2.50 per month.
  • Google drive works with Windows computers as well as Mac computers.
  • It is also available for android devices. Google drive application for iPhone and iPod will be launched soon.
  • You can create new documents, presentations and spreadsheets in google drive instantly. You can work together on same document with your colleagues. You can see real time changes in document.
  • If you want share a file through email, don’t use attachments. Just include link to document stored in google drive. you files will be shared with all email receivers.


  • You can share files with others users online by a link.You can set permissions for viewer to view,edit or comment on your stuff.
  • Google drive provides a interesting new feature called OCR. This feature can recognize objects even in image and text in scanned documents. If you capture a image of any text document. This feature can help in locating particular keyword within image prepared from text document.
  • You can open 30 different types of files directly from your browser through google drive. It doesn’t matter whether you have installed program to open particular file on your computer or not.
  • Your documents are saved automatically while editing.
  • Just go to the link provided above to start using Google drive. Google will review your request and will reply you by email after your google drive is ready.
  • After getting email from google team, you will be able to use google drive.

So don’t miss to share documents online. Store documents on Google drive up to 5GB free of cost. Make a collection of your valuable documents which  you can be accessed anywhere, anytime by internet with just a google account.