Recently, Google has launched its new cloud service to store data online called Google Drive. Google drive enables a user to store data online up to 5GB free of cost. Google drive can help to synchronize your all documents,files across your all devices which support Google drive.

Here we will discuss about how to send files directly to Google drive from your windows computer in just single click by using magic folder called Google drive after Google drive installation to your computer. You don’t need to cut, copy and paste the files in Google Drive folder.This can save your much time as well it is very comfortable for any computer user.


You can send files and document directly to google drive from your windows computer on internet in single click in simple steps as given below: -

  • Go to Google Drive
  • If you have not still signed up for google drive account, you can read our earlier post  Store data online with Google Drive
  • After setting your google drive account, Go to your google drive.
  • You will see download link as shown in below image. Just download the Google drive to your computer.


  • After the download completes, install the google drive and follow the instructions.
  • After installing Google drive successfully .A folder named Google drive will be created in C drive. You can say this folder a Magic folder which synchronizes all documents placed in this folder on Google Drive online. You can access this folder by following the path C drive >>Users >> Logged on User on your computer >> Google Drive
  • Now all the documents and files placed in this folder will be stored in your Google drive on the internet. Whenever your computer connects to a internet connection, this magic folder synchronizes automatically all the material placed in it with your google drive account.
  • Now for storing data on google drive from your computer, First option is that you manually cut or copy and paste any file or document and paste in this folder.
  • Second option is to right-click on file or document and use Send to option as shown in first image in this blog post to place that document in Google drive folder to share online. To enable this feature, Just follow the steps as given ahead.
  • Open My computer in windows XP or Computer in windows 7 and other latest windows versions.
  • Copy the code given below


  • Paste copied code in address bar of My computer tab.You will see a screenshot as given below.


  • Now drop Google Drive folder given under Favorites to right-hand side folder. Don’t try to cut or copy Google drive folder given under Favorite.

Now this tutorial has been completed. This time when you right-click on any file or folder, you will see Google drive folder along with other option under Send to option.

So this time you will be able to send any file or document to Google drive folder directly by right clicking on it. These files and documents will be automatically synchronized on your google drive online. So enjoy to share files and document on Google drive in just single click and save you valuable time.