If you are running a successful wordpress blog, then you will definitely  face a time when you want to change your wordpress blog host or you need to change server associated with your wordpress blog. The reason behind this may be shortcomings of your blog hosting provider or there may be changing needs because you want to upgrade your hosting package as your blog became more successful. Like if your wordpress blog has gained popularity and getting huge number of daily visitors to your blog. Then you will need to upgrade your hosting package, having some more bandwidth usage and server data storage space.

Besides you can move your wordpress blog to another host due to their attractive hosting packages available. Sometimes it is also not possible to upgrade your current hosting package. So you feel only alternate to move your wordpress blog to another host or server. Although wordpress has a inbuilt feature called Export to move wordpress blogs. But this feature can move your wordpress blog posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts etc. But not plugins and their customized setting.

But our below given tutorial will help you in simple steps to move your wordpress blog to other host or server with your all posts, tags, categories, pages, themes, menus, plugins and their settings. You can say, your blog will be copied to your new server in the same way as was on old server. You don’t need to install plugins again and customize their settings on new server. This will save your hard work done in customizing your blog. In this article, we are assuming that your old and new server/host are providing you with cPanel in hosting package.  You just need to follow simple steps as explained below to move your wordpress blog to another host or server without any downtime. There will be zero downtime so that your reader will not be interrupted in reading your blog posts.

Things you will need to Move WordPress blog to New Host or Server

  • Your old host information like cPanel log in username and password.
  • New host cPanel login information
  • FTP client like FileZilla

To make your process simple and faster, you need to perform below given some necessary steps. These steps will make your database size and wp-content folder size smaller. So you will be convenient in downloading and uploading this content.

  • Delete all unused themes, plugins and other media which will save your much time while transferring your blog.
  • Delete all previous blog database backups.
  • Remove plugins like Cache plugins which can create some problems.
  • Empty spam comments, trash comments and trash posts.

1. Download wp-content Folder and other Necessary Files.

Connect FileZilla FTP client to your old server ftp account. Download wp-content folder, robots.txt (if exist), htaccess file to your computer.

2. Take Back up of Database.

 Now log in to your old host or server cPanel. You need to take backup of database of your blog. This database will contain all plugin setting and your blog customization data. Go to phoMyAdmin in cPanel. You will see list of databases on left hand side. Click on name of database associated with your wordpress blog.

You will see tables of your wordpress blog database. Now click on Export as shown in below image.

 database backup

Now you can see options to take database backup in two ways depending on cPanel version on your server.

If you see option like given below image, just select options as shown in below given image.


But if you see only different options like Quick-display only the minimal options and Custom-display all possible options, then select Custom-display all possible options.

database backup options

This will open all options. Select all wordpress database tables. Compression as Zipped, Format of output as SQL. Select options as shown in above image. Keep other settings intact. Finally hit on Go. This will download your wordpress blog database backup to your computer.

3. Install WordPress on New Server.

Log in to your new server or host cPanal account. Make a new wordpress installation on new hosting space with the help of Fantastico De Luxe tool available. To make process simpler, fill your username, password and other information same as in your old wordpress blog while installing new wordpress blog.

4. Upload wp-content Folder and other Files to New Server.

After you complete new wordpress installation on new server, Open FTP cleint FileZilla and connect it with ftp account of your new hosting package. Go to directory where you have installed wordpress blog. Delete wp-content folder. Upload old wp-content folder from your computer downloaded in earlier step. Also upload htaccess file and robots.txt (if any) by using FileZilla. This step is most time consuming and tedious step. Just keep patience and wait to complete upload.

5. Restore Old WordPress Blog Database.

After the above steps completes, log in to your new cPanel account and go to phpMyAdmin. You will see name of database created automatically while making new wordpress installation on new server. Just click on name of this database. Click on Import. Browse the database backup file downloaded in earlier step. Don’t change other options and hit Go. After it completes, a message will be displayed showing successful database restore.

6. Change Name Server for your Domain Name.

Now you have completed main and time consuming steps to move your wordpress blog to other host or server. Your blog has been moved to your new server or host with your all posts, plugins, themes and customization.  You only need to redirect visitor to your new server by changing name servers in your domain name account. Just change domain name servers as per your new hosting provider instructions. This will take some time to update. Meanwhile your blog will be served from your old server. After sometime name server will be updated. Now your blog will start to serve from your new host or server. Log in to wp-admin. You will see your all post, plugins and their settings will be there like earlier server or host.

In this way, you can move your WordPress blog to new host or server completely with all posts, themes, plugins and custom settings without any downtime. If you face any difficulty, just comment below. We will try to resolve it.