In this article we will discuss TP Link wi-fi as well as without wi-fi modem setting for bsnl broadband. BSNL is the major broadband internet provider in India. BSNL provides high speed broadband at very cheap prices as compared to other competitors. Their are many types of modems available to use with bsnl broadband in the market.

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Among them TP link is one of the most preferred modem brand. TP Link provides different modem models having great features like better wi-fi range, high internet speeds, strong signal strength etc. You can broswer internet at high speeds with these TP Link models.


When you purchase in new TP Link modem, you can configure modem settings from nearest bsnl exchange or you can configure your TP link modem yourself at home. You just need your bsnl broadband username and password for configuration provided by bsnl when your broadband connection was activated.

If you are using an old TP link modem and you have already done any previous settings on TP link modem. but your modem is not working fine at this time, You should restore factory setting for TP link modem before proceeding to next step. But if you have just purchased new TP link modem. It has no settings, just go straight to TP link modem settings step directly.

Restore Factory settings.

    • Connect ADSL broadband wire to ADSL port on TP link modem through splitter.
    • After connecting the wire, DSL indicator should be stable on your modem.
    • Now open any browser on your computer. Type in the address bar.
    • Put the username and password both as admin while logging in to modem configuration page.
    • Now go to Maintenance >> SysRestart. Select Factory Default Settings and click Restart. TP link modem will be restored to factory settings.

TP Link modem settings for bsnl broadband.

  • Go to Interface Setup >> Internet
  • Put values as

Virtual count PVC2
Status activated
VCI 35
Bridge Interface Deactivated
Get IP Address Dynamic
NAT enabled
TCP MTU Option value 1450
MAC Spoofing Disabled

Keep other settings intact.
You can view detailed setting as shown in below images.


Finally click on Save.

If any problem persists, Change Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) properties as shown in below image.


Press OK after filling all the value as shown in image.

Type any URL in address bar of browser.

You will see your TP link modem has been successfully configured for bsnl broadband with required setting to browse high speed broadband internet on your computer. Now you will be able to browse internet on your computer.