Whenever there is a change of any nature the first thing which comes up is the struggle of the people concerned to transit themselves from the older version to the new ones. Technology keeps advancing itself and those who do not keep up find it difficult to be on the same platforms. Well the same stands for the android phone users too.

Now the latest version of the android platform is here and people still are not ready to let the older one go. The reason here is not the fact that only the people are not ready to let it go but the fact that most of the devices in the market are based on the android gingerbread OS which does not only support most of all the applications and other technical aspects but also a bond with the customers.

Gingerbread vs. Jelly bean

The outlook of the OS makes the navigation through the device quite easy and maybe that is why many still prefer it over the latest jelly bean OS. The fact which led to the beginning of this discussion is the sales figures as of all the dessert themed OS that the Android platform has come up with their latest offering which is not living up to the mark and coming out with a measly 1.2% contribution.

Basically speed is what matters the most in the performance of these devices. The latest OS, the Jelly bean has been developed keeping the very speed and graphics requirement so that the device does not lag behind in these fields. This is probably the best for playing games and watching other HD media which can be a drag in case of lower quality graphics. The camera apps on the android market are the best when functioning with this OS as the graphic support makes it a favorite.

The improvements are quite impressive but it is the figures of the market which are much more important and they speak a different story going by the tune that of all the versions of Android OS the gingerbread is the most favored and common one.

A random survey revealed that though the OS is nearly two years old more than 56% of the devices were running on this OS which is quite a huge number. Though it is too early to say, the jellybean is seen on the latest tablets and is catching up but it cannot compete against such a market where the gingerbread OS will is favored hands down.

The latest Google phones from Samsung are coming out with the new Jellybean OS as the users have always welcomed better graphics. The interface has been improved as there will be no glitches or jerky movements with project butter under execution to the perfection. Moreover the gamers get a new lease of life as HD games are running without a glitch when the device runs on this latest Android incarnation.

So right now the new OS is not making the kind of impact that was expected of it or like its predecessor the gingerbread.

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