Recently a British company DataWind has announced a android based tablet named Aakash. There are much discussion about Aakash tablet among media majorly in India. These discussion are due to its availability at such a low price, Questions arising, How DataWind has managed to brought such a wonderful tablet at such a low price?  There are much debates about its features, specifications, and consumer reviews.

In India, Aakash tablet is manufactured by an India based company called Quad. DataWind has given this tablet two different names depending on its use. i.e. Aakash is name given to tablets which are being supplied to student at subsidized rates across India through Government of India for educational purposes. While UbiSlate is name given to its commercial version which can be purchased by any user in open market. Besides, UbiSlate7+ is its more advanced version which includes some more features than its earlier versions.


Aakash or UbiSlate is fully featured tablet which includes many interesting features similar to some costly tablets available in market. Due to its lower price it has gained much popularity among all segments of computer and mobile users. Due to its such a huge popularity, you can purchase this tablet by making advance booking.

In short, Aakash is a fully featured tablet having 7-inch High definition display with touch screen interface, ARM 11 high speed processor, Aakash tablet is running on Android 2.2 operating system. Two USB Ports. We will discuss its detailed features, specification and reviews in this article :-


  • GetJar pre-installed But UbiSlate7+ will be having access to Google Android application store also.
  • Large number of games available.
  • Totally Touch resistive screen.
  • Loud audio to have a ultimate music experience.
  • Very light weight having only 350 grams weight.
  • Including one Micro SD card slot with 2 GB card. Micro SD card can be expanded up to 32GB.
  • Two standard USB ports to attach other computer peripherals.
  • Power consumption very low as much as 2 watts.
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • A 2100 mAh battery having 2-3 hour backup.
  • Aakash/UbiSlate has Wireless local area wLAN and Wi-Fi connectivity for any hot spot. But UbiSlate7+ will be having GPRS connectivity through SIM card as well as wi-fi features. This will include internal SIM based modem. There is no need to attach any external dongle. You can access internet anytime, anywhere by using cellular connectivity for just Rs 98/-( For India only) Keep in mind government subsidized Aakash does not include GPRS and speakers but internet can be accessed through Wi-Fi only.
  • Have a feature to use internet connectivity by USB data cards.
  • UbiSlate7+ has SIM support
  • Solar charging compatibility.
  • A attractive browser developed by DataWind- According to DataWind its browser will use its patented acceleration and compression technology to make internet browsing faster. This browser will transmit compressed data like ZIP files at normal speeds. But uncompressed data will be transmitted at 6 times faster speed.
  • Easily access Facebook, YouTube, Email and much more.
  • Includes Educational software, games, Full office suite and other vital apps.
  • You can attach any Pen drive to Aakash. Besides, You can attach any 3G dongle also.
  • You can use Ubislate 7+ as a mobile phone to receive/make voice calls but Aakash lacks this functionality.
  • Includes an application to access You Tube videos online.



  • Famous Android OS 2.3 operating system on Ubislate 7+ and Android 2.2 on Aakash.
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Having internal flash memory 2GB. External storage is supported from 2GB to 32GB.
  • Fast Ubislate 7+ has  ARM Cortex A8 MHz  and Aakash has ARM 11, 366 MHz processor along with Co-processor for HD videos and core graphic accelerator.
  • Having standard 2 USB ports
  • Supports various types of file formats
  • Images-PNG, BMP, JPG,and GIF
  • Audio- MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, WAV
  • Videos-MPEG4, MPEG2, FLV, Avi
  • One 3.5 mm audio input and output jack also includes microphones
  • No camera pre installed
  • A 800*480 pixel 7 inch display diagonally.
  • Long battery life up to 3 hours


Ubislate is available at just Rs. 2,999/- only. Its government subsidized version called Aakash is available only for as low as  Rs. 2500/- approximately. So this featured tablet is available in such a low price which is less than some of basic android mobile phones. This will help to fulfill the dreams of middle class students and people desires to have a Android tablet. You will get excellent features at very low price. Definitely it will not disappoint you.

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Lastly you can take advantage of this opportunity. Buy Aakash tablet to have a great experience with Android OS 2.2 operating system which includes vast number of applications in such a low price.